On shipping the invoice is issued, it includes transport costs; any V.A.T. number or fiscal code must be communicated on ordering.

The Purpose? That one to offer you all experience of ours of 3 generations, in order to help you to make your buy as well as you can. You can contact us writing us an email at the following address, sending us a fax to +39.85.23031140 or calling +39.329.2736832 (Mr. Mauro Campi) or +39.85.95449 (Office) from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 12:30 and from 15:30 to 19:00.

FORWARDING AGENT: used specially for sending bulky material (like combined machines, planing machines, band saws, etc …). The cost of such type of shipping can be seen looking through this page far down.

EXPRESS FORWARDING AGENT: used for compact goods (tools, electric tools, cutting-off machines, spare parts, accessories, etc …).

AT CUSTOMER’S CARE: if you want, you can also pick up the ordered goods personally, coming at our seat in Città S.Angelo (PE) Italy, and pay on picking up according to what established on ordering.

A product that is ready in store is delivered by forwarding agent within 3/4 days hours, barring forwarding agent’s accident (Saturday and Sunday excluded).

After receiving the confirmation for the order you sent to us, we’ll send you an email informing you even about delivery time of goods (about 30 days).

If the address for goods delivery is different from that one for invoicing, it’s enough to mention it in your order.

The warranty on machines is 24 months from the delivery date.
The warranty is limited to the replacement of the pieces resulting defective for bad quality of materials or for defects of construction.
The components to be replaced will be returned to you free your factory.
Manpower services and the travels concerning warranty service aren’t included in the warranty, we fix them in advance in Euro 50,00/hour per technicien, except the costs of board and lodging and travelling expenses.
All the parts or accessories bought from outside parties and mounted on machines, enjoy warranty terms that aren’t more than those ones recognized by the relative supplier.
The warranty doesn’t extend to the failures depending on the natural wear of machines, on the improper feeding of the unit by materials that are different than those ones specified in offer, on buyer’s negligence, if modifications are made or damages are caused tampering machines.
Electric components are excluded from any warranty except for obvious defects of manufacture.

As to replacement of defective products, it will be possible if they are given back within 10 days from the date of delivery.
The same for those ones sent by mistake, that must be complete in all parts of them, complete and sealed packet.
Shipping costs for goods replacement are free.
Damages for bad use aren’t guaranteed.
Replacement process can require that the Customer deals directly with the Producer/Distributor or Authorized Customer Service.
In no case we can accept parcels cash on delivery and/or opened parcels.

Special offers are subject to availability. Errors and omissions must be accepted. Offers, discounts or gifts aren’t accumulable.

All prices are to be intended V.A.T. Excluded, in Euro. The presente price-list annuls and replaces the previous ones. Promotions aren’t accumulable. Prices are subject to changes.

Payment on account 50% at the order by credit transfer.
The settlement by credit transfer at the moment of our notice of ready machine.

In case of force majeure or casual case, we’ll not be responsible for the customer for the delay or the nondelivery and will have the faculty to annull in all or partially the contract or susped or postpone its execution.

According to the D.lg. 22.5.1999, n. 185, the consumer who – for any reason – doesn’t consider himself satisfied of the buy, has the right to withdraw from the drawn up contract, within the term of 10 working days starting: as per goods from their receipt day, for services from the day of online contract settlement, with no penalty and without specifying the reason.
The withdrawal will have to be expressed through the mailing – within the aforesaid term of 10 days – of a registered letter with return receipt to the following address: MakXilia s.r.l. – Via Lungofino n.187 – 65013 Citta’ Sant’Angelo (PE) – Italy.
Within the same term a telegram or a fax can be sent to +39.85.23031140, to which the above-mentioned registered letter with return receipt will have to follow within 48 hours, as confirmation of the expressed withdrawal.
Within the aforesaid term of 10 days all bought goods will have to be given back by the consumer, complete and in their original packet and any manual, without any lack.
Return costs will have to be paid by the consumer himself, while at fault the withdrawal will become ineffective.
Should the fulfilment of the above be safe, MakXilia Srl will see to the repayment of the whole amount paid by the consumer, within the term of 30 days starting from the shipping date of goods by the customer, and the consumer will take care of giving in good time the bank coordinates where he will have the payment by credit transfer (IBAN + SWIFT/Bic codes, Current account of the invoice holder).

Specifications and conditions to exercise the right of withdrawal:

– The right is applied to the product bought in its entirety; it isn’t possible to exercise withdrawal only on part of the bought product (f.e.: accessories, etc …);

– The bought goods will have to be complete and given back in the originale packing, complete in all parts of its (any document and accessory equipment included: manuals, cables, etc…); – in accordance with the law, shipping costs must be paid by the customer;

– The shipping, until the receipt of the goods at us, is on customer’s complete responsibility;

– In case of damage of the goods during transport, MakXilia srl will inform the customer about the event (within the working day after the receipt of the goods), in order to allow him to file a charge in good time against the forwarding agent chosen by him and obtain the refund of the value of the goods (if assured); in this event, the product will be given back, with shipping costs paid by the customer, at the same time of the cancellation of the request of withdrawal;

– MakXilia srl isn’t responsible in any case for damage or theft/loss of goods given back through not assured shippings;

– At its arrival at MakXilia srl, the product will be checked in order to evaluate any damage and/or tampering not deriving from the transport. If the original internal/external packing appears opened and/or spoiled, MakXilia srl will see for deducting a minimum 20% percentage of the same from the due refund, as contribution to goods restoration costs.

– Should be safe any restoration cost for assessed damages to the original packing, MakXilia srl will arrange for repaying the customer the total already paid amount, within 30 days from the shipping date of the return of the goods. The customer will take care to give in good time the bank coordinates where he receive the credit transfer (IBAN + SWIFT/Bic codes – Current account of the invoice holder).

The right of withdrawal is completely losen for lack of the fundamental condition of integrity of the goods (packing and/or its content), when MakXilia srl ascertains:

– The lack of the original internal/external packing;

– The lack of integral elements of the product (accessories, cables, manuals, parts, etc…);

– The damaging of the product for different reasons than its transport;

– In case of decadence of the right of withdrawal, Makxilia srl will arrange for giving back the sender the bought goods, charging shipping costs to the same.

For any controversy the Court of Pescara (Italy) is competent.


We’re ready to answer all questions of yours either about the type of saw for the solution of your working problem, or about the possible modification we can make on a standard model, f.e. the maximum cutting length.

We give customers 24 months of guarantee on all vertical panel saws.
During this period we intervene on the spot for serious problems, while we can also intervene by phone for small problems that customers can solve through our indications.

Remember that deliveries are made by carriers at road level. Without opposite directions, the seller has the faculty to make partial deliveries, agreed that an only debit for transport costs.

This service, made on customer’s request, includes the assembling of machines at customer’s, the relative test and an introduction to their use. On request, we can send our offer.
And it’s composed by the following rates:

Refund of travelling hours
Refund per km
Refund of other means at the foot of the list

B) BOARD AND LODGING EXPENSES Refund at the foot of the list




N.W.: overtime is to be intended:
That one given in the days of Saturday, Sunday and midweek holidays
That one given in night hours.
That one exceeding 8 daily hours

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