Vertical Panel Saw DPM. Manual movable table. Cut panels mm.4100x2200. Scoring group.


Vertical Panel Saw MAKK Mod.DPM

Technical Data

Manual movable table. Cutting panels mm. 4100×2200.
Scoring group included.

Machine for cutting panels either in vertical or in horizontal, for any cutting need, with the best quallity/price ratio on the market.

For cutting panels either in vertical or in horizontal, made of:
– Chipboard
– Ennobled chipboard
– Multilayer
– Massive wood
– Plexiglas
– Polycarbonate
– Plastic materials
– Corian, etc…


  • Completely welded frame, with panel support table with PVC-profiled listels, that can be moved by hand in order to avoid the contact with the circular blade in horizontal cuts.
  • Manual deplacement of upright through blade group to make vertical and horizontal cuts by means of manual lever.
  • Electrical predisposition for simultaneous ON/OFF with suction group.
  • Manual governor of panel cutting depth.
  • Scoring group with conical circular blade, with belt transmission.
  • Manual movable table.
  • Tilting device for support of the small pieces to be cut.
  • Mechanical positioners for horizontal cuts.
  • Nr. 2 wings for vertical cuts.
  • Wooden lower supports for panel support.
  • Safety devices.
  • Instruction manual and service keys.
  • Circular blade HM.
  • Circular blade HM scoring group.

Technical Data:
– Motor power: 4 HP (3 Kw) v.400/50
– Rotation speed of the circular blade: 5800 r.p.m.
– Rotation speed of the blade of the scoring group: 7800 r.p.m.
– Cutting height: 2200 mm
– Cutting length: 4100 mm
– Max cutting thickness: 60 mm
– Circular blade: mm.250x30x3,2 Z=80 HM
– Scoring blade: mm.125x20x3 Z=24 HM, Conical
– Overall dimensions (L x H x W): mm.5500 x 3100 x 1500
– Total weight: 650 Kg.

On Request …
– Increased horizontal cutting length up to mm. 12.000
– Motor HP 5,5 (Kw.4) v.400/50
– Special voltage

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